What people are saying about Teri

Teri is a gift to any student’s yoga practice.  She is an outstanding guide for your physical, meditative, and spiritual journeys.  When you are in one of her classes, regardless of whether it has 1 other person or 25, you feel like it’s just you and her going through a flow.  With the lightest of touch and the firmness of her words, Teri is the obvious inclusion to anyone’s physical practice of yoga.

Joey H

Yoga instructor and Student

Teri is that living example of a yogi and an artist: an inspiration to others. Just the way she carries herself is inspiring. There is grace and style. One gets the sense that she knows a secret, an underlying wisdom. Her beauty on the outside is only a reflection of the compassion she carries for herself and for others. She gives an undenying impression. Her voice is beautiful, and her words are kind, true and important.

Carolina Goldberg

Senior Teacher, Teacher Trainer, YogaWorks

Practicing with Teri is like a salve for the spirit.  Her soothing voice, tranquil demeanor and beautiful energy will leave you glowing.  Trust her to intelligently and seamlessly guide you through a purposeful practice leaving you stronger, clearer and restored.

Clarisa Ru

Greenheart Yoga

Teri’s Hatha yoga classes are a delight to attend.  She generously shares her knowledge of posture, pranayama and lifestyle in a safe, nurturing and grounded environment creating an uplifting yoga experience. Her ability to instruct each posture in detail according to the students’ needs demonstrates her long-time experience as a yoga teacher and a devoted student herself to the yogic practice.  Namaste.

Marcia Canestrano

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Akashic Record Reader

Teri creates a welcoming, gently challenging yoga experience. Teri is truly a teacher. She guides you through the various poses with thorough instruction, differentiation for ability level, and cheerful disposition.

Caitlin Williams

Yoga practitioner, Educator

Thank you, Teri, for sharing your ayurveda knowledge with us. The presentation was full of information and your warmth and humor made the experience very enjoyable. We’ve had many guest speakers at AcuSpa and your presentation was by far one of the favorites.

Alice Taylor

Owner, AcuSpa

There are so many beautiful things about working with Teri, but I would say her knowledge of Ayurveda and her compassionate presence are what immediately put me at ease when I sought help for ongoing digestive issues and overall gut health.  Her thorough questioning and diagnosis were what led her to a personalized plan for me based on my dosha and area of concern.  Her suggestions were efficient and easy to maintain.  She focused on herbal supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes for my overall well being.  I noticed positive results within a few weeks and was happy I didn’t start taking the medication recommended to me by my doctor.  Teri focused on the root cause of my gut health issues and I’m happy to report that I continue to have a healthier happier gut when I am following the protocol.  I would highly recommend Teri to anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into their health as opposed to just treating symptoms.

Nicole Bonassi Shannon