Initial Consultation

Your ayurvedic journey begins with the initial consultation. During this visit we examine the intake paperwork that you have completed.  We discuss your physical ailments and tendencies as well as your dietary and lifestyle habits. We also examine your psychological and emotional patterns. 

This visit will take 1 ½   2 hours.    

Report of Findings

During the Report of Findings you are given an overview of ayurveda and how it relates to your current state. Based on the information gathered in the initial consultation we discuss your constitution and imbalances in terms of the three doshas. Finally, I provide you with an overview of a treatment plan that will typically begin with dietary adjustments and an herbal formula. 

This visit takes approximately 1 ½ hours.                            

Follow Up Visits

As you begin your treatment it is important to check in on a weekly basis for support and to make any adjustments to your program. Weekly visits for the first four weeks are recommended followed by bi-weekly to monthly visits as you become secure in your program. Please remember that your ayurvedic treatment is a journey. Imbalances in the body do not develop overnight. Similarly, the restoration of balance to the body and mind takes time. Patients who follow their treatment plans and take the appropriate herbal formulas generally start to notice improvement within two weeks.