Yoga is for everyone. You might be a seasoned practitioner, a weekend yoga warrior, an athlete recovering from an injury, or a senior working on strength and flexibility. Maybe you’ve wanted to step into a yoga class, but were intimidated by the yoga vibe. The good news is there’s a yoga class out there for everyone.  Yoga has become a completely mainstream activity.  There’s nothing stopping you from jumping on the yoga bandwagon. This is a good thing! The more yogis out there, the merrier the world will be. Of course, not all yoga instruction is equal. As yoga becomes more mainstream it becomes increasingly watered down. It loses much of its depth and dimension. Still, more people doing yoga is always a positive thing.

My approach to yoga is rooted in the classical teachings. My background stems from the Krishnamacharya lineage. This is the same lineage that produced his son, T.K.V. Desikachar, BKS IYENGAR, PATTABHI Jois, and other luminaries. I do not imply that I’m IN THE SAME LEAGUE AS these wise beings! But I am honored to be a student of the same classical training. I work with the breath, the posture and proper alignment. I understand anatomy and how to avoid injury.

A class with me involves breath work, getting in and out of poses appropriately, an explanation of the body’s alignment in poses, and suggestions for going deeper or modifying. I love to include a sprinkling of yoga philosophy or ayurveda, two subjects I’m passionate about. Sometimes I’ll end class with a guided meditation. I write up a sequence before each class, but inevitably it shifts to accommodate the practitioners who show up. This is my favorite part of teaching; embracing the unknown and watching it unfold before my eyes. Often there’s a good deal of laughing in my class. Yoga is ancient and steeped in wisdom, but it’s joyful! Let go of all that seriousness and see what happens.

Yoga teaches us flexibility and strength. This flexibility goes beyond the ability to fold forward and backward. It’s a flexibility of the mind. It manifests as the ability to be open-minded and malleable to the circumstances around us. It allows us to forgive and to feel expansiveness in the heart, opening ourselves to compassion and love. Flexibility by itself is flimsy and unmoored.  The strength we build in yoga creates a safe container for our flexibility. Together, flexibility and strength provide us with the balance we need to navigate the challenges of the modern world. We aren’t whole without both of these aspects. Are you a little more curious now? Jump on your mat and let’s see what happens.


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